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What You Can Expect From Working With Gee

Looking to work with Mixed by Gee on your next song or album? Check out the different services we can offer to help perfect your sound and mix your tracks into gold.

Sound Mixing

For artists that have all the components of their work recorded but need someone to tie it all together, this is where Mixed By Gee truly shines. Mixed by Gee is an award-winning sound engineer with over 15 years of industry experience plus the creativity and technical knowledge to mix your tracks in a way that sounds incredible and brings your vision to life.

Start to Finish Projects

Have your tracks written but need help with recording and putting it all together to make an album? While our main service is sound mixing, upon request, Mixed by Gee can also offer studio space to record your songs along with production and sound mixing services to help perfect your sound and finalize your album.

Recording Sessions

Along with studio space to record your tracks, Mixed By Gee has access to a mix of vintage and modern, state-of-the-art recording equipment to help craft the sound you’re looking for.


Once your tracks are recorded and mixed, we can also wrap everything up in post-production and prepare it for distribution. Mastering helps to balance all the sonic elements of your track and optimize it for playback across all systems and formats.

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